Tuesday 4th June

Gisela and Helmut Scharbaum have built Tringa to the 19/24 class rules, introduced on the Clyde in 1898. She is in Rhu Marina just now and is a jewel. This evening, Gisela and Helmut raced in the Gareloch Class. Gisela at the helm of Catriona, Helmut on Athene.
Now the wind this evening started light. Blowing from the Shandon shore it meant a running start. The Race Officer selected a short course, to C off Clynder and back. There was a true beat to windward to get back and time for three rounds.
Hermes started well and was on pole at the end of the first round. Sadly, she did not choose the best route upwind and allowed Teal and Thalia back into the fray. She was close behind Thalia at the start of the third round but inefficiency with the spinnaker did for her. Indeed, spinnaker handling mostly set the pattern of the evening. The best, Teal, was not swift. Neither was Thia. These two, though did not make any large mistakes. Catriona dropped the kite into the water. Having recovered it, she tried to sail round the leeward mark with it still hoisted. Athene had so much trouble with the pole that she did not set it at all on the last round. Thalia’s spinnaker work was not characterised by any sense of urgency. Once hoisted, it was a while before it took effect. Hermes you have already heard about.
Teal, after a slow start, maintained concentration to take first place. Hermes lost out to Thalia. Gisela beat her husband but they were still talking afterwards.

1 Teal, 2 Thalia, 3 Hermes, 4 Catriona, 5 Athene, 6 Thia.