Thursday 4th July – Cadets Race

This was the second attempt at a cadets Race. Two weeks earlier there had been no wind. This night we certainly didn’t want any more wind. There were four boats competing.
Race Officer Charles Darley sent the fleet on a beat across the loch to D, north of Clynder. There was a formidable team in Iris, Callum Gregor who is an Optimist Champion with Simon Jackson crewing. They took the lead almost at once. Zoe Robinson (who had helmed to win the Yvonne Armstrong Trophy on the previous Sunday) pushed them hard in Thalia. Teal (Andrew Choules) and Hermes (Callum Fowlis) fought over third. Teal seemed to have it but fell into a hole on the Clynder shore. She got the place back though.
Offwind across the loch to Shandon, Thalia caught up to Iris and had an inside overlap for the mark, still some way ahead. Experience on Iris showed. They were able to blanket Thalia and thereafter keep ahead. The final leg to the finish was a reach, with little opportunity for passing.

1 Callum Gregor (Iris), 2 Zoe Robinson (Thalia), 3 Andrew Choules (Teal), 4 Callum Fowlis (Hermes).

It should be noted that the trophy for first is a perfectly attractive silver cup. For second is the magnificent bronze Simpson Elephant