Tuesday 13th August

Race officer Luke Dicken was undone by the Gareloch wind. It was a good breeze as we sailed away from the moorings. When we had started the race, wind was light, halyards were eased and helms sat to leeward. The first leg was a long beat to D, north of Clynder. Iris got the best start, at the shore end of the line, where there is often a good lift to be found. The rest, caught out by the lightening air, were late. Or very late.
Iris made an injudicious tack to go close to the Clynder shore, realised she was done for and that we were unlikely to finish. She was the first to go home.
Catriona led at the approach to D. Ceres had done well sailing through the subtle changes of pressure and was a strong second. Zephyrus third. By this time, the shore was the place to be. The cool air sliding from the land was the only breath to be had.
The idea of finishing the race a triumph of hope over experience. Those who persevered had to be towed home.