McGruer Regatta & Clyde Classic Booklets

Gordon Drysdale, organiser of the McGruer Regatta in 2012 and Clyde Classic in 2013, is offering for sale copies of the sought after programme booklets that accompanied these memorable events. Priced at £10 each plus £2 p&p, they contain articles for those interested in yacht design, racing and building on the Clyde, together with beautiful photographs. Gordon can be contacted on

Clyde Classic Official Programme booklet

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An attractive, professionally produced, 56 page collection of articles that accompanied Clyde Classic. Five articles on Clyde classics, including:

  • Lone Fox A Clyde Classic by David Hutchinson
  • Scots in Oyster Bay by Ewan Kennedy
  • Deliverance to Kelana by Gordon Drysdale

McGruer Regatta Official Programme booklet

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An attractive, professionally produced, 48 page collection of articles which accompanied the McGruer Regatta.  This includes an article on the Gareloch One Design class by Tim Henderson. Six articles on McGruer & Co and McGruer yachts, including:

  • Gareloch One Design by Tim Henderson
  • McGruer & Co A Century of Boatbuilding on the Clyde by journalist and photographer, Kathy Mansfield
  • A McGruer Love Affair by Colin Tindal
  • The Loch Fyne Skiff Yachts by Iain McAllister
  • The Mylne – McGruer Connection by David Gray
  • The Sultan’s Queen by Gordon Drysdale