Sunday 15th June

Crews for 5 Garelochs arrived at the car park. Thia’s helm thought better off it because there was so little wind. Catriona was single-handed and late at the start but the others very kindly waited. On the water Race Officer Peter Proctor sent us on a very short course to A, off the club, and back. Catriona badly mis-judged her tack to turn and approach the starting line and was in collision with Circe. She took the penalty turns. Thalia, meanwhile, was well away. Ceres and Circe gently taking each other high on the windward leg to A had the effect of slowing both, Catriona crept past to leeward.

Back to the starting area, the apparent wind was well forward, spinnakers working well in the light air. Thalia was misled and thought to gybe hers at the leeward mark. She did not do it well and then found herself on a beat to windward. Catriona took the lead.

There was time for two more rounds in light but consistent air. No further excitement, though.

1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Ceres, 4 Circe.