Tuesday 19th August

A superb evening with sunshine and good breeze.  Only four Garelochs raced, its hard to think what might have been a greater draw.

Catriona had guest helm Thad Burr.  He is a pilot with United, flying out of Newark.  When an overnight in Glasgow coincides with a race, he comes to sail with us.  There is a certain reservoir of ability and experience.

Catriona benefitted from some scrubbing before she left her mooring.  As the boats were sailing about, pre start, it was noted that Thia had the occasional barnacle.  A tickle with a brush would have done no harm.

Race officer Gordon Mucklow sent us on a beat to D, north of Clynder.  Thad went for the favoured shore end of the starting line.  He was slightly late and could have been closer.  Thalia, who was ahead in the points series, was far too early and had had to sail down the line towards the pin.  Catriona was two or three boat lengths ahead when they first crossed.  She made sure of covering and the lead did not diminish.

Hermes, meanwhile, was on terms with Thalia but was obliged to tack from port to starboard as the two converged.  She might just have avoided being blanketed and climbed out from under but her main halyard tensioner let go at just the wrong moment.  From then on, the order was set.  None of the spinnaker gybes at G, on the Shandon shore, were text book but it made no difference.

The race finished at the end of the first round and left us wanting more.  The second round of that course is a long one, however, and the nights are drawing in.

1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Hermes, 4 Thia.

  • Thad Burr

    Charles et al:

    I believe it was the “pre-race scrubbing” that was the key to victory!
    Thad Burr
    Southbury, CT