Tuesday 29th September

The last race of the year. A superb year it has been, the Garelochs a truly active class. Team racing agaist the Cultra Fairies and Howth 17s in May seems like yesterday. Our passage race to Rothesay was truly an adventure. Almost 100 people attended the Reunion Regatta which was a great success.

Anyway, wind was light as we drifted towards the start but filled in to give us a good race. There were guest helms, Justin Venton on Catriona and Ted Warren on Thalia. That did not change the natural order.

The Gareloch, as is its wont, had traps for the inexperienced or inattentive. It was important to watch the water so as to spot the light patches. That is what decided it, all the boats were on the pace.

1 Catriona, 2 Hermes, 3 Thalia, 4 Teal, 5 Athene.