Tuesday 5th May

A wet and windy day so that those lacking enthusiasm decided not to sail. It turned put to be a good evening. Dry with a good wind. Little sunshine, but you cannot have everything. There were three of us at the start.

Race Officer Neill Ross sent us on a good course up and down the loch. A true beat and a downwind leg requiring a gybe. Teal made the best start at the theoretically unfavored pin end. The wind was better there. Catriona battled against unfavourable shifts of wind and made no impression on Teal before the windward mark.

We were rusty on Sunday and showed no improvement. Catriona’s spinnaker hoist was slow. Teal’s drop convoluted. Teal kept her first place but lost a lot of ground with an error over the course. On the second downwind leg, Teal lost her spinnaker halyard and with it, the lead. Despite Catriona’s best efforts, she remained second. Thia was on the pace, but made no attempt to hoist a spinnaker, which consigned her to third.

All this bodes badly for the team racing at the end of the month.

1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Thia.