Sunday 28th June

There was sufficient wind for one of the longer courses. We were sent on a long windward leg to E, the northernmost mark on the Clynder shore. The fleet (eight Garelochs came to the start) was well spread for the start of the downwind legs, first across the loch and then back to the starting area. Catriona first then Teal. Thia did not suffer too badly from having found the famous rocks off Gully Bridge. They are always further out than might be imagined. Thia’s crew bumped uncomfortably against the edge of the coach roof as the boat suddenly decelerated.

The second round involved another long beat up the loch to a mark on the Clynder shore. Wind had become more variable now and the order was disturbed. Halcyone, sailed single handed, and Athene crossed ahead of Thalia who, along with Ceres, had looked strong.

Catriona got away from the shore before large and random holes appeared in the wind. Teal was swallowed in a flat patch which developed around her. Ceres, too, suffered. There was confusion at the mark between Thalia and Athene. Thalia gave mark room to Athene but thought she took far too much. Athene judged that she was obliged to give mark room to Thalia and so made a wide rounding. As wind filled in, determined work with the spinnaker brought Teal back into the fray. It was a closely fought finish between her and Athene.

1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Teal, 4 Athene, 5 Thia, 6 Halcyone, 7 Hermes, 8 Ceres.