Sunday 16th August

It was a sunny afternoon with a good strength of wind.  To complain about the variability of its direction or the occasional light patch would be churlish.  Eight Garelochs came to the start.

The first leg was a beat across the loch to B, off Silvers.  Catriona concentrated on squeezing out Halcyone at the favoured pin end of the line.  She concentrated too hard on aggression and started prematurely.  Thalia, Hermes and Teal started with pace a little further down the line.

Thalia was first to the windward mark, closely followed by Catriona and the rest.   Downwind, the fleet split into two groups.  Teal took Athene and Catriona high.  Thalia, Hermes and Ceres took a more direct line towards the leeward mark, G on the Shandon shore.  The direct group crossed ahead but tripped over each other as they gybed.  Catriona rounded first which helped her cause.  The  rest were calling for mark room, Thalia in particular was obliged to take a long way round G.

Upwind to C at Clynder, Hermes found a good route and held her second place to the end of the first round.  The second round took us to B again, Thalia regained her second place with Teal close and Athene in contention.  The leg from B to C was fine for spinnakers. Thalia kept hers with Teal chasing.  The Gybe at C was from reach to reach which always makes the spinnaker gybe tricky.  Teal made a better job of it and passed Thalia to windward.

1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Thalia, 4 Athene, 5 Hermes, 6 Ceres, 7 Thia, 8 Halcyone.