Sunday 22nd May

Eight Garelochs came to the start, Teal newly afloat having repaired damage to her mast which had been discovered late.

On the water Race Officer Peter Proctor set a course beginning with a leg to windward to B, off Silvers.  Teal had the bit between her teeth and made by far the best start, hitting the line promptly and with speed.  Squeezing out Catriona in the process.

Perhaps because she was light as a result of going afloat on Friday, Teal was untouchable on the wind.  The worry for the rest is that her form might not dip as she acclimatises to the water.  Catriona followed some way behind, Zephyrus close by.  Some of the others ventured across the loch early.  Headers in the wind and adverse tide did for them. Athene lost places when she was knocked over by a gust.

The downwind leg was a long one and here Catriona had the edge.   Teal got her place back on the next beat though.

The last leg of the round was a little fine for spinnakers, the leaders were not deterred. Teal kept high to prevent a pass.  She increased her lead on the next windward leg and protected it on the two reaches to the finish.

1 Teal, 2 Zephyrus, 3 Hermes, 4 Thalia, 5 Athene, 6 Ceres.  Catriona RET on account of a port/starboard incident with Thalia, Catriona distracted by the spinnaker hoist as Thalia was approaching B.  Thia DNF.