Sunday 26th June

The weather was a little dull and the wind from the south west F 1/2.  Race Officer Peter Proctor set L6, a longish light wind course on the basis that the forecast promised the fleet would not be becalmed.

Hermes and Teal started well but positions changed several times during the beat to B mark.  The order of rounding there was Thalia, Hermes, Teal, Ceres, Thia and Catriona.  James Clarke was helming Catriona assisted by Penny Davidson in the absence of owner Charles Darley who was otherwise engaged umpiring Sonar match racing.  From B, there was a long spinnaker run to G followed by a second beat to C.  At C, Thalia and Hermes maintained first and second places but Ceres had managed to pass Teal.   There were no further positon changes before race completion at Z, the complete lap taking just over the hour.  Catriona was the only boat to try using its spinnaker on the last leg but the wind was too far for’d of the beam for this to give a significant advantage.
On returning to the Club bar, the Gareloch sailors celebrated Hermes crew Donald’s 50th birthday with chocolate cake and candles.

Final placings: 1) Thalia 2) Hermes 3) Ceres 4) Teal 5) Thia 6) Catriona.