Tuesday 28th June

Light air, some of us were towed to the starting area.  Race Officer Roger Kinns took note and set the shortest course, windward to A, off the club, and back.

The Pipers gave us a clue that progress was better nearer the shore although there were more ripples further out.  Most stuck to the shore, with Thalia establishing an early lead.  Teal went out and suffered, she was last at the windward mark.  Ceres was close to Teal but such are the nuances of the Gareloch that she did better.

Most of the fleet was seduced away from the shore, Thalia resisted and increased her lead.  Downwind, back to the starting area, Catriona played the angles and kept her spinnaker fuller for longer.  She edged in front and got further away on the second round.

Thalia’s route was less favoured the second time around.  Ceres was in front at A and Teal back in the hunt.  Ceres lost out under spinnaker on the final leg.

1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Teal, 4 Ceres, 5 Hermes, 6 Zoe.