Tuesday 2nd August

Race Officer Michael Knox was faced with the usual problem when wind has an easterly component.  It is not possible to start with a beat to windward.  He sent us on a fetch to A, off the club, thence downwind to Clynder and a good beat back.

The starting line was similarly and unavoidably compromised.  It was not possible to sail along the line from the outer end.  Catriona made the best of the starts.  She was able to tack onto port to begin the journey to A and cross ahead of the starboard tack Thalia.
It may be that Thalia had growth below the water line.  She had lost some of her usual dash.  Her cause was hindered by the photogenic hour glass which characterised her spinnaker for far too long going downwind.
Ceres took the best course on the beat back across the loch and briefly led.  By now, rain had stopped tell tales from working so that making the best of the fluky wind coming from the Shandon shore was difficult.
There was time for a second round, when Hermes promoted herself to second.
1 Catriona, 2 Hermes, 3 Ceres, 4 Thalia.