Tuesday 30th May

There was a stiff breeze blowing from the north.  As usual, this led to an uncomfortable swell in the moorings.  Some of the crews were put off.  Thalia and Halcyone decided not to race.  Hermes thought to reef but was perhaps over cautious.

The boats were much happier when they started sailing.  We were sent on a good long leg to windward (D mark, north of Clynder).  Hermes’ reef held her back, by now wind had moderated and there were no strong gusts.

Going downwind, there was a little nervousness about spinnakers, but there need not have been.  The third sail required care but was never overpowered.  Hermes shook out her reef at the end of the round, but by now it was too late.

1 Catriona, 2 Ceres, 3 Thia.  Hermes DNF