Crew’s Race – Thu 24th Aug

Hermes, Thia and Ceres turned out on a damp and misty evening for the Crew’s Race with a reasonable breeze from the Southwest.  After a little confusion as to what course to sail in the low light L6 was selected and all boats got away well.  Hermes kept to the Shandon shore whilst the other two set off across the loch.  Neither course conferred any advantage as all three arrive at the B mark together with Thia at the front.  There was an enjoyable spinnaker run to G, which was not easy to spot in the gloom, with all boats close together; Thia holding her lead and Hermes just ahead of Ceres.
Again on the beat to C Hermes favoured the Shandon shore with Thia and Ceres heading across the loch arriving at the mark in the same order.  On the broad reach home Hermes was gaining on Thia and the latter was pleased the course was not a hundred meters longer!
All three crews were thankful that neither the promised downpour or the 24 knot gusts appeared.

1 Thia, 2 Hermes, 3 Ceres