Tue 26th Sep

The last race of the year.  As the light faded, the Gareloch was delightfully atmospheric.

On the Water Race Officer Michael Knox avoided the shortest possible course (a temptation given the limited time) and sent us upwind to A, off the club, then downwind to Clynder.

Catriona got away best at the favoured shore end of the starting line with Dione and Thalia in pursuit.  As we rounded the windward mark, it was necessary to head up the Shandon shore so as not to impede a frigate on her way to Faslane.  It did not interfere with the racing.  Dione tried to pass Catriona to windward, but helm Lucy Forrester responded to protect her position.  Ceres, meanwhile, was affected by underwater growth and not on the pace.

Back at the line, Catriona would have been happy to finish but there was time for another round and Dione pressed on.  It was a good sail, wind was steady, no places changed.

1 Catriona, 2 Dione, 3 Thalia, 4 Thia, Ceres Rtd.