Cadets’ Race – Thu 20th July

This was a wonderful close race of three boats, a tribute to the enthusiasm and skill of the four mustard keen cadets, Lucy Forrester (Catriona), James McPherson (Thalia) and Logan Brown, with Noah Watson as part of his crew (Thia).  Thalia was over first and with a quite strong wind coming down the loch there were challenges in deciding what the optimum course to reach the first mark on the Clynder shore would be.  Thia was second over the line and having kept further out in the loch than Thalia was first at the mark.  On the next leg, the wind was moderating and shifting back and forth on what began as a reach and eventually became a run across the loch.  The rule being no spinnakers, adult crew members, endowed with differing arm lengths goose winged jibs, sometimes successfully.   The final leg down the Shandon shore presented a tactical question.  Thalia kept out to get what looked at the start of the leg like a better wind.  She managed to hold her lead at the line, though her wind had lessened. Thia kept out but not so far.  Catriona, who was third round went down the shore.  This proved an effective choice, as the wind was kind for most of the way, and so she could benefit from the shorter distance.  Having been in front for a while on the leg she made it to second over the line, with Thia snarling at her stern, barely a boat length away.

Everyone went into the Club house for a celebration of what had been universally experienced as a good evening.  Cadets received a something in thanks for their wonderful effort.

Research has revealed that the last time a report of a Cadets Race was made was six years ago.  The cadets this time have asked we do not let it lapse again and expressed their intention to be back with more. 

As that 2013 report states, “the trophy for first is a perfectly attractive silver cup.  For second is the magnificent bronze Simpson Elephant”.

1 James McPherson (Thalia), 2 Lucy Forrester (Catriona) 3 Logan Brown (Thia).