Sun 14th July

The Boinard starting line (between the two pins of the fixed starting lines) has been useful for the past few Sunday races.  Today, it could not have been more square to the wind if it had been laid specially.  On the water Race Officer Iain MacGillivray selected a course beginning with a windward leg to B, off Silvers.  Notwithstanding the true line, there was competition for the starboard end. It was up tide, which might have been a slight advantage.  Catriona squeezed out Dione.  Teal started well a little way down the line.  Hermes had the port end to herself.

Dione and Hermes went across to the Clynder shore early.  Catriona, falling down on Teal, tacked to cover Dione.  Hermes and Catriona pulled away, The rest looked for wind other than on the Clynder shore and were not in luck.

Despite being slow with her spinnaker, downwind to Shandon, Hermes kept her second place.  She kept it on the windward leg to C, at the north end of Clynder and she kept it back to the starting area.

Catriona crossed the line 2 1/2 minutes before an hour had elapsed so that there was a second, shorter round.  Teal, trying very hard, still could not get to Hermes.  On account of the chronically tardy spinnaker work on Hermes, Teal was in contention for second by the end of the final leg.  There was a stooshie at the finishing line, although no protest.

1 Catriona, 2 Hermes, 3 Teal, 4 Dione, 5 Thia.