Sun 16th Aug

Another in a sequence of races when wind was blowing from the Shandon shore and was extremely variable.

The pin end of the line was the place to start, the windward shore end suffering from patches of light air.  The first leg, to A off the club, was a fetch on port tack.  Those tempted to approach the line on that tack were undone by boats reaching in on starboard.  Teal was the most successful of these.

The downwind leg to D, north of Clynder, was also characterised by wind of variable strength and direction.  Those who concentrated, trimmed their sails and headed down in the gusts made up places.  Zephyrus looked slow in light air near the Clynder shore but found pressure and rounded D first from Teal and Catriona.  The windward leg back to the starting area another trial.  The only consistency was Teal in first place.  There was time for a second round.  It was on the final beat to the line that places changed as wind favoured different boats.  Circe, Zephyrus, Luna and Catriona were all in second place at some point.  Approaching the line, Circe had found good wind down the Shandon shore and crossed ahead of the rest.  She overstood the favoured pin end and in a light patch her final tack was not optimum.  Catriona was able to sneak the place.

1 Teal, 2 Catriona, 3 Circe, 4 Zephyrus, 5 Luna, 6 Halcyone, 7 Hermes, 8 Ceres.