Sun 9th Aug

(Updated – corrected Circe 3rd, Luna 4th)

A superb afternoon of sun and good wind.  Seven of the eight Garelochs afloat were racing.

The wind was from the Shandon shore so that the first leg, from the starting area at Blairvadach, could not be to windward.  A fetch to A, off the club, thence downwind to D, north of Clynder and back.

Teal, from Hermes and Halcyone made the best start.  Others strayed too far from the line and were undone by a lull.

Teal and Hermes rounded A close together and took each other high on the run. Catriona held back a little and made a tighter rounding than Halcyone.  She was then able to sail lower than the leaders and crept into the lead.  Halcyone became involved in the luffing, which allowed Hermes to round in second place.  Quickly lost as she wrongly sailed for a mark up the Shandon Shore.

Teal, Halcyone and Catriona tacked back down the loch to head to the starting area. The rest hardened up towards the Shandon shore and benefitted.  Luna briefly in the lead. Halcyone dropped back invariable air near the shore.  There was time for a second round.  Places did not change until the final windward leg.  Teal sailed well in the changing air and closed on the leader, who took great care to cover.  Circe maintained concentration with Luna close behind.  The excursion towards the wrong mark had done for Hermes.

1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Circe, 4 Luna, 5 Halcyone, 6 Hermes, 7 Ceres.