Sun 26th Sep – last race of the (short) 2020 season

(Anonymous guest report although it may be inferred!)

Race Report. GOD’s Last Race

This is my first, and likely last, race report. I have limited understanding of what went on except that we all started at more or less the same time but finished at rather different times. That is obviously the point of all this racing over the summer twice a week but which was cruelly cut short this year. All too soon this was our last crack at it and of course Lucy, with Charles barking, came first in Catriona and Chis, hindered by Julian at the helm, came last in Luna.  

But other things went on. In brief:

Halycone was a ghost ship: no one has sailed her all summer but my goodness she turns up for every race. Reports, unsubstantiated, have it that a head of curly blond hair (maybe Shanes? needs substantiating)has appeared over her coaming when the sun comes out.

Circe and Ceres are courtesy of John and Paul, both new on the block. Hail to the new Goddesses! Their boats that is. Your correspondent had become used to not coming last as Paul filled that slot, until the last two races when the normal order was restored.

Athene was a late starter this year. John made it into the water for the Worlds – well not him but Athene did. Of course, he did make it himself into the water last year, getting very wet/ Coastguard rescued  – but his chance for a repeat performance this year seems over now. It could have been that his crew Barrie the Boatman (some kind of sea-shanty there maybe?) rather stifled his chances of another trip overboard? We may never know.

Then Carol with Hermes.  For Carol a quiet season – and of course we all know why. Where is Commander Proctor when you need him for a decent protest? It is as much for Carol’s performance in the bar after race with the protest cards as it is for her performance afloat that she is admired, indeed feared – by members of the senior service in particular.

Iain and Eric, Teal and Zephryus respectively, were ‘hors de combat’ for this race. One feels fairly sure that all concerned know what this actually means rather than what it sounds like it may mean.

The order was:

1 Catriona, 2 Halcyone, 3 Hermes, 4 Ceres, 5 Circe, 6 Athene, 7 Luna.