Tue 8th June

Race report from the Race Officer

To begin there was a good breeze from the SSW (despite a grey damp evening) and a course to B at Silvers was chosen. Eight boats took part and after the manouvering and a congested approach to the line Catriona and Dione were over the line. It took a little time for them to clear the starters and return to cross the line and by that time the others were well on their way across the loch.

Dione chose to sail down the east shore towards the mooring field and Catriona headed across the loch well towards the shore (out of the flooding tide?). By the time the boats were heading back it was apparent that the east shore had not been kind to Dione and that Catriona was better placed. By the end of the first round Catriona was leading from Teal, Halcyone, Thia, Thalia. Dione being in 6th place ahead of Ceres and Luna.

A second round with Catriona and Teal taking different paths back across the loch to the start line. By now the tide was flooding and the question was raised as to whether Teal was being swept too far up the loch. However that may not have been the case and Teal crossed the line ahead of Catriona. Halcyone retained her third position with Thia losing out to Dione and Thalia with Ceres and Luna following. 16 minutes from the first to the last. 

1 Teal, 2 Catriona, 3 Halcyone, 4 Dione, 5 Thalia, 6 Thia, 7 Ceres, 8 Luna

PS and a special note of thanks  from me (Web Admin/Iain) to Carol Rowe – the Race Officer – for her choice of course (one of the Specials and a shorter sausage course) which, with a forecast of dying wind, ensured we had two good rounds of racing and weren’t left somewhere up the Gareloch in a windless hole!