Sun 15th May

Race report from Teal

The wind was good, strong and gusty. But east-ish which prevents upwind starts. Sundays require an on-the-water race officer and there was negotiation about who would take it on. Ceres stated they were “just coping” given the wind so Teal stepped in. Tempted by a special S course to C or D but in the end plonked for a long classic Gareloch course starting with a downwind leg to C.

Teal lead over the line with Catriona behind and lower. Catriona and Dione stayed further left. Catriona raised her kite – boldly given wind and doubly so given she was single-handed. Dione and Teal goose-winged their jibs which seemed to work nearly as well. Halcyone meanwhile – defending her wind – looked like she was sailing Ceres up to Faslane. In the end the wind had perhaps been a bit better further left and Catriona rounded C first followed by Dione and Teal. And sailing towards Faslane had not been the way to go. Especially since Ceres managed to get ahead of Halcyone anyway.

The beat from C across to F was ‘full conditions’. Trim and feathering needed to prevent excessive heeling and weather helm. Catriona’s experience paying dividends. Teal keeping up and managing to sail higher than Dione. When Dione tacked Teal crossed easily. Catriona led at the F mark. Followed by Teal then Dione having lost some ground.

Teal closed the gap on Catriona on a gusty reach to B (perhaps weight on the boat helping?). Teal rounded tight behind Catriona – and wary of an immediate tack and trap by Catriona – immediately tacked. And did so more smartly that Catriona with her nose in front. Catriona tacked off again.

Up across to Z off Blairvadach and then a loop back to F and then B again and back to Z. Dione also getting past Catriona on the windward leg from B to Z. Having completed this second round lap, the race would often have ended at Z. But we were a minute inside the hour mark and so, as per the class rules, another round was required! No places changed but it was fun if a little tiring!

1 Teal, 2 Dione, 3 Catriona, 4 Ceres, 5 Halcyone

(^date corrected to 15th May)