Tue 12th Jul

Report from the Secretary.

An evening of sunshine and fair wind.  Race Officer Linda Pender selected a course which gave good windward legs to D, north of Clynder, in both first and second rounds.  Teal pushed Catriona along the line for a favoured shore end start.  The two, along with Halcyone,  were close together for the first part of the beat to D.  Teal then found herself a little further out on  a tack up the loch and was on the wrong side of the shifts.  Halcyone went further in and suffered more variable wind.  Dione had stayed nearer the Shandon shore and it did not pay.

By the start of the next beat to D, Catriona had a substantial lead over Teal and hardened up towards the Clynder shore.  Thinking she had loose cover, she tacked when Teal tacked.  When the two came together again for the approach to the windward mark, they were close.  No places changed though.

1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Halcyone, 4 Dione.