Sun 4th Jun

A sunny afternoon with light, changeable wind.  On the water Race Officer Peter Proctor chose the appropriate course for the conditions and direction of wind, down and up the Shandon shore.

The starting line was close to square to the wind but the fleet sought to start near the outer end.  It appeared there was better wind further out, along with the favourable ebb tide.  Hermes and Catriona wanted to reach the line ahead of the peloton and found themselves a little way past the pin.  Dione came out of the congestion well and hardened up on starboard tack towards the shore.  Catriona might have tacked to cover those who tacked out soon after starting but she would have had to duck Dione.  Whilst she waited it became clear there was good wind towards the shore, good wind ahead and a glassy area of water before the ripples further out.  Catriona, Dione and Hermes stuck with it.  By the time these had reached wind good enough to tack into, it was clear those who went out early had not prospered.

Downwind, it was a struggle to persuade spinnakers to fill.  Thalia saw wind filling from the narrows and hardened up to go further out.  To no avail.  As so often happens, pressure built from behind to bring Teal, Circe and Dione into contention with the leader.  Spinnakers filled and there was progress over mirror smooth water.  The contenders commented afterwards that as soon as they reached ripples, they slowed.  Catriona, meanwhile, having lost her substantial lead at the windward mark, found her spinnaker sheet tightening and drew away.

Ceres, sailing single handed, did not set a spinnaker and dropped back.

With wind lacking determination, Race Officer Peter Proctor indicated a finish at the end of the round.

1 Catriona, 2 Circe, 3 Teal, 4 Hermes, 5 Dione, 6 Thalia, 7 Ceres