Tue 27th Jun

Report from Julian Forrester (Luna).

No Sonars were in play, so the GODS had the loch to themselves as Race Commander Commander Peter Proctor RN (ret.) ably assisted by Roger Kinns sent ten of us on Course L6 in a gentle SW breeze on a grey but dry evening.

On the first leg some went left, some went right and met again at B, the field still quite tight.  The run to G began to separate the fleet and, as your correspondent was as ever near the back somewhere was able to enjoy Dione doing a penalty turn for doing something unpleasant and Hermes veering off to the north west on her own private race.

The spinnaker jibe to reach G produced some heroics from the single-handed (Circe) and then it was off to C and, as ever on the Clynder shore, the wind did some funny things, though not funny if you are still snuggled up to C’s  shiny backside watching the others vanish in the gloom.  

1 Catriona, 2 Circe, 3 Teal, 4 Ceres, 5 Halycone, 6 Dione, 7 Luna, 8 Hermes, 9 Thia, 10 Athene. (RO Thalia)

Some Notes:

1) Halycone’s skipper was just visible in the cockpit. Often this is not the case.

2) Half the fleet made it home in just under one hour, the other half in just over.

3) Circe and Ceres were both in the top four which is perhaps a first?