Tue 4th Jul

Report from Paul Blackburn (Ceres).
Tonight, eight eager Garelochs decided to race and even arrived early, spurred on by the decent breeze and lack of rain – some choosing to take a little time to scrub before letting go, with some evidence or marine life taking hold already.  Race officer Neill Ross decided the 8kn of gusty wind blowing from North was decent enough to set course H8.  A good decision to alter the start line (to use a well placed mooring buoy) was made – given that Y mark had decided to take a swim towards the Blairvadach shore.
In the minute before the start horn, the boats impatiently wiggled along towards to flag end on Port, led by Teal, Catriona and Ceres – with only Luna deciding to come in on Starboard to cross the line with momentum.  After crossing, the aforementioned 4 boats decided better progress could be made towards the middle.  The rest went up the Shandon shore.  It was difficult to call who was right until we got towards the E mark – with only Circe managing to make the shore side work well.  E was rounded by Catriona, Teal, Circe, Luna, then Ceres, Hermes, Thia, Halcyone.  After that Catriona pulled away and was only one to fly spinnaker until Halycone and Thia raised theirs.
Hermes overtook Ceres but then didn’t fly her kite from F to Y then A so lost out – then, fuelled by jelly babies and fizzy coke, Ceres stormed passed Luna and Circe between A and D before enjoying an unusual but very well deserved 3rd.
1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Ceres, 4 Luna, 5 Circe, 6 Halcyone, 7 Hermes, 8 Thia.