Sun 12th May

Race report from Barbara McManus on Zephyrus

Variable winds in variable directions, did not dissuade 5 Garelochs from sailing on this Sunday afternoon, hopeful of an exciting race. Race officer, Arke set the L3 course. Circe was first across the start line sporting a new mainsail, crisp and white, followed by Catriona,  Zephyrus, Arke and Hermes. It wasn’t long before spinnakers were out as Circe, Catriona and Arke pushed on through towards the first rounding mark D. However as they crossed the loch the wind started to die and before too long Zephyrus had caught up with leaders. Catriona had a close encounter with Circe which casued her to drop back a couple of places. This resulted in Circe getting round the D mark first, followed by Zephyrus, Arke, Catriona and Hermes. It was back across the loch to the G mark, it was questionable as to whether spinnakers were helping as Zephyrus (without spinnaker) continued to keep up with Circe and Arke. As the boats were approaching the G mark Catriona seemed to squeeze through between Arke and Zephyrus to take the lead.

A push on through to Y with Catriona getting there first, at this point it was unclear whether the wind was tempting us to have another round, the race officer sensibly finished the race on the first round, enough frustration for one afternoon.

1 Catriona, 2 Zephyrus, 3 Arke, 4 Circe, 5 Hermes