Sun 5th May

Report from Dione

The first Sunday race of the Centennial season presented a fairly grey day with light to moderate E/NE winds. On the water race officer, Hermes, set the L8 course across to the Clynder shore and back to Shandon.  The wind direction was not ideal for a classic Starboard approach to the line which led to some trying a Port approach, words were said with some boats being a bit pushy. Dione was not prompt at the start but that, perhaps, allowed her to identify slightly better pressure to the left. Hermes was less fortunate on the right. Those in the middle started well but with the inevitable shiftiness towards Clynder lost out in the second half of the leg. Dione led from the first mark, breaking in a new crew but also benefiting from a smooth bottom and new sails.

Passing Blairvadach, it was good to see everyone having registered the new configuration of the second round giving another reach to Clynder and reach back. Maybe the wind didn’t favour L8 after all.

There was a tussle for last place between Luna and Hermes with Luna just squeezing ahead at the end.

Getting ashore was challenged by a spring low tide and a missing grating on the jetty stairs but all safely managed, Fergus without too much dignity.

1 Dione, 2 Arke, 3 Catriona, 4 Thia, 5 Circe, 6 Luna, 7 Hermes.