Welcome to the Home of the Gareloch Godesses

The Gareloch One Design Class was designed and built by McGruer’s yard in 1924 at Clynder. There were 16 of these beautiful and classically profiled 24 foot yachts built. And, 100 years on, every one of them has survived, with all boats based on the Gareloch, and with racing taking place every Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon throughout the sailing season.

This year is our centennial year and to mark the occasion we will be having a day of celebration on the 28th June, where owners, associates and friends of the class are all joining together for a day of sailing, followed by a barbeque and social event at the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club. This event is open to all, as it’s also intended to look to the future of the class with the hope of attracting new sailors, crews and even owners.

The people who sail these boats are friendly and very welcoming, and we encourage anyone with an interest in sailing, who also want to experience the joy of sailing within the hill bound scenery of the Gareloch to come along and get involved.

If you would like to get involved, or come along for a sail, or join the events of the 28th June, just get in touch with John Campbell or Charles Darley (contact details on this page).

John Campbell
Convener, Gareloch One Design Class