Welcome to the Home of the Gareloch Godesses

Built in 1924, the Gareloch One Design Class numbered  16 beautiful, classically profiled 24 foot yachts, designed and built by McGruers. It is doubtful whether anyone in 1924 would have expected the entire fleet to be racing today as it is.  The Class, indeed, is in great heart, rejuvenated after much celebration of its 90th anniversary in 2014, and the restoration of Dione and her launch ready for the Gareloch ‘Worlds’ in 2017.


The people who sail these vessels are a friendly and welcoming lot! We race every Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon throughout the summer in the hill-bound Gareloch waters. Opportunities for boat ownership or shared ownership occasionally come up or crewing may appeal to you. Either way, if you would like to be involved then please contact me or Charles Darley via the details shown on this page.

John Blackie
Convener, Gareloch One Design Association