Sunday 26th May

Zephyrus raced for the first time in ten years. Looking superb, too. She beat Athene to the windward mark, B off Silvers, and then luffed to prevent a pass downwind. She had it in mind not to set a spinnaker on her first outing, which was her undoing. Athene got past with the third sail and was not to be caught, despite Zephyrus changing her mind.
Meanwhile Catriona had ruthlessly squeezed out Iris at the pin end of the biased starting line. With Iris out of the way, Athene got a good start just behind.
Iris was battling for second place with Thalia. She could not quite get the place downwind. On the second beat across the loch to Clynder, Iris tried going to the Clynder shore early, so as to do something different. It did not pay. Ceres was fighting Hermes over fourth place. With success.
The sailing instructions, when there is no race officer on shore, say to finish if the leading boat crosses the start/finish line more than an hour from the start. Catriona began a second round after 59 minutes, 58 seconds. It didn’t please everyone. Thalia carried on. Iris had young crew for whom the novelty had worn off so she went home. Others claimed to have been confused. The only other boat to finish a second round was Hermes. She was pleased to have moved up two places.

1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Hermes. Iris, Ceres, Athene, Zephyrus DNF