Tuesday 18th June

Catriona was back afloat after the repair to her rudder. Ian Nicolson, Alan Pretty and Helmut and Gisela Scharbaum all helped.
As usual, the starting line was biased. It cannot be helped with fixed lines. The shore end was favoured this time. Many were caught out as the wind died away during the starting sequence. Much of the fleet was early approaching the shore end and was obliged to reach back to the pin end, so losing the advantage of being near the shore. Iris, of course, got it right. As is her wont. Athene (Miriam Sutter on the helm) Thalia and Teal were not too shabby. Catriona made the worst start. Zephyrus and Hermes had a windward/leeward altercation on the line.
The lightening of the wind brought with it the variability which characterises the Gareloch. There were wind shifts big enough to make a difference but small enough for the inattentive to miss. There were areas of light pressure, hidden because the water was still rippled. The biggest loser was Iris. On the beat across to the Clynder shore she was strong for the first ten minutes but found herself moving too slowly for too long. Athene made the most of her good start and led most of the way to the windward mark. Zephyrus went a little too close to the Clynder shore, where wind was more variable. Catriona mostly found herself in good air and picked them off one by one. She was first to launch a spinnaker on the downwind leg. Meanwhile, Zephyrus caught up to Athene but left a lot of space when she rounded the mark and gave back the advantage.
There was a spinnaker gybe from a reach to a reach at the second mark. Most crews achieved it with aplomb.
The Race Officer finished us after one round. A short race, but the evening wind showed every sign of dying away.
It is remarkable that the Sutter family was represented on the first four boats home. The boys beat the girls, of course.

1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Iris, 4 Athene, 5 Thalia, 6 Zephyrus, 7 Ceres, 8 Thia, 9 Hermes.