Saturday 6th July – RNCYC Regatta

A magnificent day for sailing. Three races on the east patch. Wind and tide there are different to the Gareloch. There are large variations in wind strength, but not so randomly distributed.
In the first race, Catriona got the best start and got away well towards the Greenock shore where wind strengthened. That helped her to a substantial lead and she was never at risk. Zephyrus got the better of Zoe by sailing where pressure was greater.
In the second, Catriona tried to repeat the tactic of her first race but was over the start line early. In returning, she let Zoe away. This time, it was Zoe who got to the better wind first and established a good lead. Catriona caught a little downwind but it still looked hopeless for her. Beating back to the finish she tacked for the line earlier than Zoe and for a short time looked good. She was obliged to give mark room at the committee boat to Zoe who took the win by a couple of seconds.
In the third, Zoe was able to luff Catriona over the start line so that she was able to get away again. Catriona, following, fell into the disturbed air of a couple of Etchells and felt the need to tack away. She was comfortably third on the approach to the windward mark. Setting the spinnaker when others didn’t was not enough.

1 Zoe, 2 Catriona, 3 Zephyrus. The other Garelochs missed good racing.