Tuesday 2nd July

Report from Carol Rowe

The Convenor set a course crisscrossing the loch in a moderate breeze from the south west.
In the flood tide those who tacked into the loch notably Catriona in the hands of crew in the absence of her usual helm and Thia prospered initially in the stronger wind over those who sought to avoid the tide.
At the mark at Silvers Hermes having sought shelter on the Clynder side from the tide then having to tack onto port did so on the windward side of Zephyrus approaching on starboard and as a result had to give way allowing Zephyrus to round the mark first.
Thereafter Zephyrus chose to follow the Clynder shore on the run up to Shandon and became involved there with Thia. A steady breeze took the fleet to the G mark where Hermes rounded just ahead of Zoe who prospered when the former’s helm became distracted by the loss of her hat. Nevertheless both approached the C mark where Hermes failed to capitalise on an opportunity to recover the lead.
In a dying wind the race officer rightly chose to end the race after one round. Paddles were needed to get back to the moorings.

1 Zoe 2 Hermes 3 Thalia 4 Zephyrus 5 Ceres 6 Athene 7 Thia 8 Catriona