Tuesday 9th July

If all evenings were like this one, there would be no need to sail anywhere else. Good steady wind and sunshine.
Race Officer Andrew Nicholson set us off on a beat up the Shandon Shore.
Catriona has been starting badly of late. Her final approach was way too early so that she was almost stopped and pinching hard at the pin end. Zephyrus started on the gun with boat speed. Zoe was in there too.
On the first beat, it was not clear whether the Shandon shore or the loch were favoured. Less adverse tide at the shore, more wind in the loch. Sometimes. Zephyrus and Zoe, then Thalia and Teal rounded the windward mark for the reach to Clynder. Catriona and Hermes found themselves overlapped and hurting each others chances of making a good rounding.
Thalia had her spinnaker halyard tangled with the forestay so that her journey to Clynder was not as fast as it should have been. She held up Teal. Catriona took advantage.
Downwind to A, off the club, Zephyrus and Zoe kept their leading positions. A beat back to the line and time for a second round.
Teal was undone. Sonars sail only two rounds and some were finishing as she crossed the line. Mistaking the gun for her own finish, she stopped racing. By the time she realised, it was far too late. Catriona got the best of the wind and tide upwind to take the lead. Zephyrus and Zoe had a race on. Zephyrus beat Zoe to A, at the end of the run from Clynder. She chose to go inshore for the beat to the finish. Zoe stayed further out, which was better.

1 Catriona, 2 Zoe, 3 Zephyrus, 4 Thalia, 5 Ceres, 6 Hermes, 7 Teal.