Sunday 18th May

Not much wind to go out on. Some stayed at their moorings but Thia fresh in the water joined the fleet.

To get a good view of the race all that is needed is a bad start. That was easily achieved. On the water race officer Peter Proctor had set a course starting on Z to A and then to G and back; a sensibly short triangle. The line seemed ever so slightly biased towards the pin end and with bias comes temptation. Catriona and Hermes skilfully evaded temptation and went down the line in very light winds getting the start just right at the shore end. The rest of the fleet gathered at the pin. Slow boats, some trying to get faster, some trying to slow down going to and fro – not a recipe for a swift start. Catriona and Hermes were away well ahead, the rest of the fleet followed across the starting line at various intervals after the gun.

The tide was strong and the wind better out in the Loch. It was about getting the timing right for heading out. Catriona led Hermes out into the Loch and then to the A mark. Some never went out: Circe leading Teal made the rear guard at A. The spinnaker leg to G made for little changes in position and Teal did not prosper at the mark having left her spinnaker up for too long and then being forced by Circe to tack her jib into the still dangling spinnaker pole.

G to A is a nearly straight line along the shore. Wind seemed tempting out on the Loch and temptation can be unkind. The further out they went the farther back they fell; not helped by the fact that some seemed to realize pretty late that they had to go through Z. Teal had stuck to the shore and gained third, Zephyrus followed closely behind with Thalia, Thia and Circe in hot pursuit. Catriona by now sailed for pleasure, while Hermes’ second place was never threatened.

The second spinnaker leg from A to G was a light wind affair not helped by two brick shaped tugs heading out to shepherd a Vanguard Class in. The wash shook out whatever air was gathering in the sails. Zephyrus kept a spirited attack on Teal but remained in fourth. On rounding at G heading out into the Loch did pay this time. Thalia went out and came in like a train just missing to catch Teal slotting in front of Zephyrus. Thia managed to keep Circe at bay.

1. Catriona 2. Hermes 3. Teal 4. Thalia 5. Zephyrus 6. Thia 7. Circe

Guest report from Jens Sutter, crew of Teal