Tuesday 6th May

The was a good breeze before the start and after the finish. The Gareloch was unkind to some in between.

Race Officer Neill Ross sent us on a beat to Silvers, then back and forth across the loch. Iris and Zoe started well, Catriona got herself stuck between Hermes to windward and Zephyrus to leeward. A situation with no prospects. She backed a sail to escape. Teal and Thalia saw wind on the Clynder shore and tacked into the loch in excited anticipation. Catriona followed but was in air disturbed by Teal and so tacked back to go down the Shandon shore some way behind Iris and Zoe. It soon became clear there was no wind in the middle.

Catriona was full of hope on the downwind leg but made no impression on Iris and Zoe. The rest were in a different race.

A beat to C, off Clynder. On the fine reach in light air to the finish, pressure filled in from behind and brought Catriona up to Zoe. Iris was concerned as she saw those two advance on a line of pressure but had sufficient cushion to keep her place.

1 Iris, 2 Catriona, 3 Zoe, 4 Teal, 5 Thalia, 6 Hermes. Zephyrus DNF.