Sunday 29th June (updated)

At lunchtime the Gareloch had a glassy, windless look. However, four boats thought things might improve. They did. The course was a sausage down from Z against at first a very light south east wind and back. Athene was first over the line, hearing as she went an intriguing hail from Thalia to windward that she was (also) on starboard. Hermes was going faster further in to the shore and got ahead with Thalia further out. Thia was some way behind and never quite caught up the others. At the A mark Thalia was first followed by Hermes. The spinnaker work on Athene got her into second place for a while. But eventually, having had to bear away from Hermes she fell back to third. On the second round the wind improved to a consistent breeze and it was the final run from A to Z that was the decider. Hermes and Thalia sailed in a near embrace close inshore with Hermes as the outer boat. From a distance a going aground looked possible. But there was water and Hermes got first over the line. Athene hoping a better wind would compensate went for further up the line but the wind did not compensate for the distance, as it did not also in the case of Thia.

Hermes 1; Thalia 2; Athene 3; Thia 4.