Tuesday 3rd June

Race report by John Blackie

This was another Tuesday of rather light winds and some variability of direction. With a falling tide and a beat to the B mark some, the ultimate winners, stood right down to near the narrows, and fetched the mark. Iris, who had been squeezed out at the start, Teal, and Catriona helmed by Miriam Sutter and crewed by John Blackie of Athene went across the loch and then down. Iris improved her position among the three. On the run up the loch Catriona’s crew was slow in getting up her spinnaker. There was little change over to the C mark. Thalia, Zoe and Zephyrus were well ahead of the rest of the fleet. On the way across the loch. Hermes had a torrid experience with the wind lessening and fell to the rear. Iris got well clear of Teal. Catriona adopted her owner’s practice of using the spinnaker with the wind just forward of the beam. Her crew having got better at managing it and she caught up on Teal somewhat.

Zoe 1 Thalia 2 Zephyrus 3 Iris 4 Teal 5 Catriona 6 Hermes 7