Sunday 6th July

Fifteen Garelochs are now afloat. Only Dione, being rebuilt, will not join in this year. Luna, one of the recent additions, came out to play this afternoon.

A fine afternoon with sufficient wind for a long course, taking in one of the northern most marks, off Shandon Church. A beat to B, off Silvers, to begin with. Catriona was preoccupied on the approach with keeping at bay Luna, to windward of her. Thalia ducked them both with elan. Hermes was squeezed out by Luna. Athene arrived at the starting line at the right moment but was too cautious of the melee at the favoured end. She feared Hermes’ fate and was rather farther to the shore than she might have been even so.

Luna, unable to pass to windward, tacked for the Clynder shore early. It paid handsomely and she was well in front at B. Choice of tactic and rustiness with the spinnaker let Catriona past on the long run to Shandon Church. Luna fought it out with Hermes but rounded the downwind mark in a favourable position for the next beat to C at Clynder. Athene beat Thalia to B and caught up more downwind. The second windward leg did for her, though. Thalia chose to go down the Shandon shore on the way to Clynder. The rest went across straight away. A good streak of wind on the approach to C favoured Luna, Thalia was round third.

There was time for a second round, but no more changes in the order.

1 Catriona, 2 Luna, 3 Thalia, 4 Hermes, 5 Athene.