Tuesday 1st July

Better wind than was forecast. At least to start with. Race Officer Peter Proctor sent us on a beat to B, off Silvers, then back and forth across the Loch. Catriona made sure she was in pole position by approaching the line early, going slowly. The risk is always that Iris will break through to leeward with better boat speed. She tried but could not get through the wind shadow. Close cover kept her in second. Hermes has adjusted the rake of her mast to advantage. She was not prompt at the start but held third place, not far behind Iris.

Spinnakers downwind to the Shandon Shore. Catriona had sufficient lead not to be blanketed by Iris. On the wind again to Clynder and thence to the finish. Iris alone set her spinnaker on the final leg. It helped, but not enough for a place to change. There seemed to be time for a second round but Peter finished us. The correct decision, wind was light on the Clynder shore by the time we were back at the moorings.

1 Catriona, 2 Iris, 3 hermes, 4 Athene, 5 Ceres. Thia suffered a failure of a strop for a running backstay and DNF