Tuesday 12th August

Perhaps the biggest influence on the evenings racing was the extent of flora and fauna below the waterline. Iris was scrubbing right up to the start. That can only mean she left much more than she removed. Ceres was slow, no doubt for the same reason. Thalia was swanking about her anti fouling paint and did, indeed, seem to be going well.

We were sent on a course with two windward legs across the loch, first to C. Thalia made the best start, Catriona was compromised by being a little early, Iris too far from the favoured pin end of the line. Catriona concentrated on covering Thalia, who is ahead in the points. Iris found the best of the changeable air on the Clynder shore and was first onto the downwind leg to the Shandon shore. All those tiny shrimps which turn into barnacles must have been swimming the wrong way. First Catriona, then Thalia passed her.

Upwind again to D, north of Clynder, wind on that shore had not improved. Rounding D was trying for Catriona and worse for the rest, as the few breaths that there had been died away. Iris watched from the peacefullness of still air as Zephyrus sailed past.

1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Zephyrus, 4 Iris, 5 Ceres. Hermes DNF.