Sunday 10th May

The forecast said gusting over 30 kts. It certainly did not blow as strongly as that although it showed no resolve regarding direction or strength.

On the Water Race Officer Roger Kinns sent us on one of the longer courses, beginning with a beat to B, off Silvers. Catriona started well but Teal played the changeable wind to better effect and was comfortably first at B. She was slicker with the spinnaker and pulled away.

The next mark, F, was located much further south than normal, which caught out Catriona. She went in vain to look off Shandon Church, its usual position, which did for her. Teal, meanwhile, was caught out by a freak gust (few gusts were of predictable character) and gybed into the mark. Her penalty turn did her no damage. Hermes went home after the first round, before the (heavy) rain started.

1 Teal, 2 Thalia, Hermes DNF. Catriona RET.