29th to 31st May

The Gareloch Class entertained the Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten and the Mersey Mylnes over the weekend. The FKY has member all over Germany, their common bond being a love of classic boats which they keep in the most magnificent condition. The Mersey Mylnes are day racers broadly similar to Garelochs but ten years younger.

There was a three cornered team racing match on Saturday. In a match last year, we had gone out to the east patch, off Helensburgh, in search of wind. The Gareloch being free of ripples. It was so successful that we did the same this time.

Race officer Simon Jackson, assisted by Dick Taylor aboard Tim Henderson’s Blue Iris set simple windward-leeward courses. Nine races were scheduled, so that each team raced each other team three times. Simon was able to get them all in.

The FKY won the first race against the Mylnes and then came up against the home team. We took the win. We beat the Mylnes in the third race too.

In the second group of three races, both FKY and Mylnes found form. Garelochs dropped a race to the FKY and were equal on points with the Mylnes, winning by virtue of not having the boat in first place. You need to read the scoring system for team racing.

In the final series of three, there were some instances of friendly fire. Notably when FKY crack helm Sven Foerst made a good start on port tack but was forced to give way to Janina Blöhdorn who had started conventionally on Starboard. Your correspondent cannot report the conversation between the two boats. Whilst audible, it was in German.

In summary, the home team beat the two visiting teams, the FKY beat the Mersey Mylnes.

Thanks are due to Ted and Jane Warren for providing Longbow as a superbly comfortable hotel boat for the crews not racing. Also, Bill Inglis who operated the RIB for crew transfers.

At the celebratory dinner on Saturday evening, the Gareloch racing captain was presented with a magnificent silver cup provided by the Mylnes. For the FKY-Gareloch match, there is the David Ryder-Turner trophy. It was David who arranged the very first match between us.

A fleet race was planned for Sunday but the weather was against us. Gusts over 30 kts. Those who were keen and mostly young joined a team race training session in Sonars. Janina Blöhdorn could not understand why so many had stayed ashore.