Sunday 7th June

A good day for sailing, especially after the preceding Saturday. There was a brisk wind with gusts weighty enough to wet the lee deck, some sunshine too.

The course began unconventionally with a broad reach to B, off Silvers. That was done to achieve a true beat up the Loch to the F mark, off Shandon Church. Catriona allowed herself to be distracted with the setting up of the spinnaker and, as a result, started late and to leeward of Teal and Thalia. The ballooner (as George Findlay, former yachting correspondent of The Glasgow Herald, used to call it) worked for Catriona and took her clear ahead for the mark rounding.

Thalia rounded in second and threw away two places by sticking to the Clynder shore where wind was light and changeable. The competition for the lead, closely fought, was between Catriona and Teal. Until Teal lost her jib sheets and dropped back to last in the re-rigging.

At the end of the first round, Thia had kept the place she was gifted by Thalia. Thalia tried to imitate Catriona by setting her spinnaker on the reach to B at the start of the second round. The wind was a little finer this time so that the only effect, not a positive one, was a small tear in that ballooner.

Thia did two things wrong on the next leg. Firstly, she failed to cover Thalia. Secondly, she went in to the Clynder shore which had been the undoing of Thalia on the first round.

1 Catriona, 2 Thalia, 3 Thia, 4 Teal.