Sunday 19th July

Garelochs were to have raced to Tighnabruaich on the Saturday, returning on Sunday. All but Zephyrus were dissuaded on account of strong wind. So as not to waste the whole weekend, we had a race in the Gareloch on Sunday.

On the Water Race Officer sent us on one of the longer courses, beginning with a beat to E, the northern most mark on the Clynder shore.

Teal, Thalia and Catriona all made a pitch for the favoured shore end of the line with an approach on Port. Catriona misjudged it badly and was forced to tack by Teal, who was running out of water. Sailing down the line on starboard tack, she spoiled Thalia’s start also.

Teal was away and in a streak of wind taking her to the mark. The rest seemed badly headed. It was one of those days to curse bad luck when all but you are lifted by the wind and take it as a personal right when you have a lift all to yourself. The good guys in the Flying Fifteen class, racing recently in their National Championship at the club, spoke of tacking in phase with the changes in wind. Too many of us, especially Catriona, were out of phase. She rounded the windward mark in 5th place although got one back quickly under spinnaker.

At the start of the second round, Teal and Thalia were comfortably first and second. Catriona attacking Athene for third place. She managed to gain advantage early in the second beat but was too greedy. She looked for the best of the wind in a vain attempt to get at Thalia and failed. Athene, who had not been covered, retook third. No justice, though. Approaching the windward mark, in line astern of Athene, Catriona was lifted outrageously in a line of wind which illuded the yellow boat.

Athene and Hermes battled each other downwind to the finish. Only a race officer on the shore could have called it.

1 Teal, 2 Thalia, 3 Catriona (subject to protest), 4th equal Athene and Hermes, 6 Thia.