Tuesday 31st May

Wind was light as boats left the moorings.  There was concern about getting a worthwhile race.  Especially as it was blowing from the east shore, which is seldom to the good.

Teal started best on her way across the loch to Clynder.  Her first place was always secure.  Thalia was close to begin with but the gap widened as time went on.  Hermes had it in mind she was going to the mark further up the loch, which compromised her challenge.  Athene, Miriam Sutter at the helm, was on the pace and was overlapped inside Ceres at the mark to start the windward leg to Shandon in third place.  Downwind to Silvers, however, Athene suffered spinnaker trouble.  The disadvantage was compounded as she hardened up for the beat to the end of the round with things still not sorted out.

There was time and sufficient breeze for a second round, which took Ceres past Hermes.

1 Teal, 2 Thalia, 3 Ceres, 4 Hermes.  Athene DNF.