Sunday 17th July

On the Water Race Officer Peter Proctor selected a course with two windward legs from the Shandon Shore to the Clynder Shore.

As is usual with wind blowing across the loch, it was lighter and more variable near to the shores.  Roger Kinns on Thalia used this to advantage.  Thalia started on Starboard tack, discomfiting the rest of us on Port, and reached the better wind first.  She never looked back.  The rest of us changed places in the variable air.  Looking strong in second place were, at different times, Catriona, Teal, Hermes and Halcyone.  As it was, the second windward leg to D did for some and kept others in the game.  Catriona saw Hermes pass close behind with speed on an approach to the Clynder shore.  She decided not to follow, but to cover Teal, who was to leeward on a tack up the loch.  Both of them beat her to the mark.  Hermes rounded second but was passed by Teal under spinnaker to the finish. The wind had it in for Halcyone, Zephyrus and Athene

1 Thalia, 2 Teal, 3 Hermes, 4 Catriona, 5 Halcyone, 6 Zephyrus, 7 Athene.