Sunday 11th June

The forecast was for lots of wind and it had been blowing hard in the morning.  That must have put people off because only three boats came to the starting area.

The starting line was true so that all three started well.  Easier when there is no one place where everyone wants to be.  Catriona, with her usual crew Barrie Choules on the helm, made a point of covering Thalia on the initial windward leg. Zephyrus found better air and was first to the mark.   The want of a spinnaker dropped her to third on the next, downwind leg.  Thalia sailed in a band of stronger wind to achieve an inside overlap at the leeward mark but gave back the place soon after.

Again Zephyrus went the right way on the second windward leg and rounded just in front of Catriona.  She dropped back just a little on the reach back to the starting area.  There was time for a second (shorter) round.  On the windward leg, Thalia tacked on top of Zephyrus, seemingly unaware of her presence.  She was the windward boat and required to keep clear.  Zephyrus did not press the point.

The two were close towards the finish.  Thalia achieved a late inside overlap at the finishing mark but with no right to mark room, she was forced to the wrong side of it.  Going back to finish correctly left no doubt about the finishing order.

1 Catriona, 2 Zephyrus, 3 Thalia.